The lounge room is a large spacious, multi-functional area, integrating numerous activities. The design of the lounge allows each of these activities to take place without spoiling the enjoyment of other customers in other areas of the room.



This means we can accommodate live bands, discos, karaoke, etc, without compromising the social atmosphere elsewhere, as some customers may prefer conversation and the company of others.


Also the karaoke evenings can take place with maximum customer participation without interfering with the snooker and pool area,s. The lounge covers all major sporting events by several large screen TV in the viewing area accompanies by 2 seperate sky viewing boxes enabling the viewing of different sporting events according to preference.


The darts room is segregated enough so as to be free from distraction during games and matches without being isolated from the overall atmosphere of the club. The seating areas are designed for private or open socializing and food is available from the lounge kitchen.

As with the darts room the snooker area boasts the same balance of segregation without being isolated from the rest of the club, and the pool table area is a popular part of the lounge, especially with our younger customers.

A large bar ensures that customer requirements are dealt with quickly and efficiently, and has a vast and varied range of all beers spirits and bottled products in order to suit all tastes. The prices are also a very attractive feature of the lounge bar.

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